Yasmine El Rashidi’s debut novel ‘Chronicle Of A Last Summer’


The Bottom Line: ‘Chronicle Of A Last Summer’ By Yasmine El Rashidi

Yasmine El Rashidi’s debut novel illuminates the experience of coming of age amidst revolution — and asks us to question what revolution even means.

In the third and final section of Yasmine El Rashidi’s Chronicle of a Last Summer, the 30-something narrator finds herself having a political conversation with a salesman at a dusty record shop in Cairo. It’s 2014 — the novel takes place in three parts, the first two set in 1984 and 1998 — and the two tentatively discuss music, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Egypt’s history of governmental overthrows:

He’s learning that history is repeating itself. We talk about Nasser. The first revolution. 1919. The Wafd revolting against the British. It wasn’t really a revolution, he says. It was a popular uprising. I raise my eyebrows. But it was a revolt, I say. But there wasn’t a change of a system. The country didn’t completely change.

Told in three pivotal summers in the life of a thoughtful Egyptian girl who grows up to become a writer and filmmaker, Chronicle of a Last Summerexamines the undercurrents of restlessness and anger that push along political movements like riptides, but also surfaces the same feelings of restlessness and outrage that drive young people around the world out of their skins with desperation to find new, independent adult identities.

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