Virtual Reality as the Future of Storytelling


Read it and bleep: is virtual reality the future of storytelling?

A festival in New York last October afforded a glimpse at a new era of narrative collaboration. Will the concepts of reader and author soon be a thing of the past?

Two forces are sending shockwaves through the world of storytelling. The first is that digital technology now offers creative artists myriad platforms to tell their stories in new ways. “We are using code as the canvas,” says Charles Melcher, book publisher and founder of the inaugural Future of Storytelling festival. In other words, whatever you can dream up, today’s advanced software capabilities can make it happen.

At the same time, a younger, digital-savvy audience now wants to drive the narrative from start to finish. Lance Weiler, director of the Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University, discovered this first-hand through his work on Sherlock Holmes and the Internet of Things, an online global detective narrative collaboration. The Lab set up a crime scene and provided clues to solve a murder, but that wasn’t enough. The participants wanted to imagine the crime and write the clues themselves. “A new creator class is rising up,” he says. “And it’s challenging the authorship and ownership of stories.”

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