Levy’s Novel Gives Majority a Compelling Voice


Andrea Levy’s The Long Song gives the silent majority a compelling voice

The funny and fierce narrator at the heart of Levy’s novel about slavery in 19th-century Jamaica – December’s reading group choice – flies in the face of narrative convention and gives the silent, black majority a chance to speak out.

“The whole of everything is never told,” said Henry James – and often we don’t even get the half of it. The 300-odd-years of slavery in Jamaica from the 16th century until abolition in 1834 is a case in point. It was black Africans who were forced to endure slavery in Jamaica. But it was white Europeans who wrote their immediate history. In her afterword to The Long Song, Andrea Levy explains that she found precious little documentary material written by the black majority. Nearly all contemporary accounts of the life of slaves came from the European perspective. And whether they were written by well-meaning abolitionists or slave owners, they came, says Levy, through the “weird” filter of European racism.

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