Women Writers Who Dominate The Universe Of Sci-Fi


14 Women Writers Who Dominate The Universe Of Sci-Fi

Octavia Butler, Madeleine L’Engle, Emily St. John Mandel, Karen Russell and more.

In Karen Russell’s “Reeling for the Empire,” a crew of girls are transformed into thread-spinning silkworms, duped by a dark and mysterious man promising a better future. Each girl spends long hours spooling her own inner, colorful cloth, only to have it collected and, presumably, sold. It’s a powerful metaphor for the treatment of factory workers, and just one testament to the fantastic stories resulting from a woman devoted to writing science fiction.

Russell’s girl-power conclusion is just an added bonus to her excellent plot-weaving skills, and thankfully, she’s not alone in her pursuit. If you’re a Margaret Atwood devotee or Ursula K. Le Guin fan, we’ve rounded up even more women exploring the far reaches of science fiction and fantasy.

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