The Actor Meets the Author

Idris Elba meets Edgar Allan Poe

If you’ve ever wanted to see a drunken Edgar Allan Poe do battle with a Satanist psychic, you’re in luck. The British actor Idris Elba is developing a movie trilogy based on Marc Olden’s novel Poe Must Die, Variety reports.

The 1978 book by Olden, best known for his suspense novels, features Poe as an alcohol-addled hero who has to save the world from Satan. The book’s publisher, Mysterious Press, describes the novel: “Jonathan is the most powerful psychic on earth, and in service of his god Lucifer he will tear civilization apart. To combat his dark designs, mankind’s hopes rest on a half-mad alcoholic named Edgar Allan Poe. … A bare-knuckle fighter named Pierce James Figg arrives with a letter of introduction from Charles Dickens, to beg Poe’s help chasing down the power-mad devil worshiper.”

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