The Honorable Woman a Must See

The honoraable woman

These days I’m watching this new BBC drama, interesting political, psychological thriller. And this miniseries is getting better & better.

‘The Honorable Woman’ Is Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Best Performance Yet

Gyllenhaal plays Baroness Nessa Stein in The Honorable Woman, the Anglo-Israeli executive in charge of the multinational firm, the Stein Group. When Nessa was a girl, she watched her father, a Zionist arms dealer, be assassinated in front of her. Decades later, she’s attempting reparations by steering the Stein Group toward philanthropy. A plan to install a high-speed data service between Israel and the West Bank is spearheaded, the complications that arise threaten her and her family’s safety—proving that even the most altruistic-seeming acts spark explosive reactions when it comes to the Middle East conflict.

As the backlash, both personal and professional, that accompanies running a foundation that attempts to forge a relationship between Israel and Palestine builds, The Honorable Woman becomes part thriller and part character study, as we watch Nessa nearly drown under the weight of it all. And with current headlines surrounding the conflict in Israel and Gaza mirroring some of the external conflicts portrayed in the series, the series could not be more timely.

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