New novel by Tiphanie Yanique

91ebrba43zl‘Land of Love and Drowning’

You wouldn’t find Tiphanie Yanique’s sublime novel Land of Love and Drowning in the historical fiction section of your local bookstore, but it does transport you to the island of St. Thomas at the turn of the century, just as the Danes are handing over control of the Virgin Islands to the United States. Yanique presents us with a story set on her home island, a family saga that spans some 60 years. Her prose combines a touch of Gabriel García Márquez, William Faulkner transported to the Caribbean, and Zadie Smith’s grasp on a place’s dialect and ability.

Land of Love and Drowning shifts from a pre-war world to the modern one without getting overly caught up in the details or politics of the region. It’s told through the shifting points of view of multiple narrators (the voices of the two sisters, Anette and Eeonna, are the strongest), but the novel finds its strongest character in mysterious, chaotic St. Thomas itself. The unsettling feeling that hangs around the island seems just as palpable as the ocean breeze. As things progress, we find that there’s still a little magic left in this part of the world.

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