Finding the Funny in Islam

imagesA few years ago I enjoyed this funny and daring Canadian sitcom Little Mosque on the Prairie. It dealt with some interesting issues not only in the Muslim community, but also in the relation with non-Muslims. Very enlightening. Now the author brings a sneek peak into Muslim life with her autobiographical collection of stories.

Zarqa Nawaz on finding the funny in Islam

Journalist and documentarian Zarqa Nawaz has spent her career trying to bridge cultural gaps — a passion born of personal experience. Her silliness and irreverence haven’t always gone over well in Muslim communities, and her religious beliefs haven’t always been well-received in secular circles.

Now Nawaz, who is best known as the creator of CBC sitcom Little Mosque On The Prairie, has released an autobiographical collection of stories: Laughing All The Way to the Mosque. Her book, like her show, tries to speak to two audiences, making Islam understandable for non-Muslims, while honestly representing the Muslim experience.
She joins Jian Ghomeshi to speak about inhabiting the space between cultures, how comedy can foster cross-cultural understanding in a post 9/11 world, and why she felt there was a need for her quotidian memoir.
Read further & listen to the interview @ CBCradio



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