International Reader Survey

Scribd infographic

Data show Germans to be the fastest and Canadians the most committed readers, while the UK is besotted with sushi. Really?

Apparently, the Germans are the world’s fastest readers. That’s according to an “internationval infographic” from Scribd, which has analysed (an unspecified amount of) data from the site’s “growing international community” to come up with various intriguing facts.

So – Germans are speediest, followed by the Dutch, the Spanish, the Swedes and the Malaysians. America comes in 14th place in terms of reading speed, according to Scribd. No word on where the UK fits in, but I’m hoping we squeak into the top 10.

Most likely to finish a book? The Canadians, followed by the Finns and the Jamaicans, apparently. Most popular genre in Uruguay? Romance, says Scribd, with Mexico going for religion, Spain for business, Singapore for biography and history, and the US for – and I find this hard to believe when the books we see dominating charts tend to be erotica and thrillers – arts and music.

Read further @ The Guardian

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