Belle: the slave’s daughter who lived in Georgian elegance


A must see!

She wore the finest silks, lived in one of London’s most desirable homes and studied in a library still regarded as one of the greatest achievements of the renowned 18th-century designer John Adam. Yet Dido Belle was the daughter of an unknown black slave woman so could not sit at the dinner table with her adopted family at Kenwood House in north London.

Belle, a film directed by Amma Asante and released in America this weekend, tells the story of the illegitimate young woman who found herself among the household of Lord Mansfield, one of the greatest men of the Georgian age. As lord chief justice, in 1772 he ruled that a master could not take a slave out of Britain by force, a judgment seen as a key stage in the eventual abolition of the slave trade.

However a new biography of Mansfield, Dido’s great-uncle and benefactor, has revealed that this complex figure was not the crusading liberal portrayed in the film. “He was a brilliant mind, but was chiefly interested in protecting the status quo,” said author Norman Poser.

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