Judges The Story Prize on Junot Díaz’s New Book

Photograph © Beowulf Sheehan www.beowulfsheehan.com

Junot Díaz. American-Domincan writer, was one of the finalists for The Story Prize. Our Pulitzer Prize winner didn’t get it this time, but still the book This is How You Lose Her is fascinating. Can’t wait to read it. Still on the hunt for the book.

The Story Prize blog says:

Here’s what one judge had to say about Junot Díaz’s This is How You Lose Her:

“Junot Díaz is a great writer, a blessing to the history of literature and to those of us lucky enough to watch his work unfold. His stories are infused with something that seems beyond the sum of their words. It may be simply style, which Proust calls the necessary condition to art. His work is so
distinctive that if I didn’t read another word by him for 50 years, in one sentence I would know him again. But it feels deeper than even style, it feels
alchemical. When someone tells me they don’t appreciate Junot Díaz, I feel sad for them, as if they’ve told me they don’t like puppies, children, strangers,
dancing, and friendship. His books are some of the most vital, enjoyable, smart art of our day, and This Is How You Lose Her shows that his talent is
deepening and unfolding still.”

Check out him reading one of the stories and afterwards an interview as from 0:50:00 minutes.

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