Love & Loss in the Diaspora

Junot Diaz This is how you lose her

Tales of Love & Loss in the Diaspora by yet another loveable writer. Non other than American-Dominican literary bad boy Junot Díaz. Most say that it takes him a century to write his work, but when it comes out it’s a blast. Check out one of the reviews.

The Wall Street Journal says:

There are two things to know about Junot Díaz. The first is that he is one of the most agonizingly slow writers to ever lay finger to laptop. His debut, the
scintillating story collection “Drown,” was published in 1996, and from then on his admirers have had to wait with Job-like endurance. His next book, the novel
“The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,” appeared in 2007. (It won the Pulitzer Prize but, for all its patches of brilliance, felt rough and cobbled together.)
Now Mr. Díaz reappears with “This Is How You Lose Her” (Riverhead, 213 pages, $26.95), a slim collection of nine stories that has been in the
offing for well over a decade. Some of them ran in the New Yorker during the Clinton administration.

Read full article @ The Wall Street Journal

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