Another Book Trilogy on the Big Screen

Is The Hunger Games the new Twilight?

The Hunger Games shows beautiful people fighting to the death in a ruined, future USA – and there are two sequels to come.

For millions of teenage moviegoers looking forward wistfully to a future with a Twilight-shaped hole in it, The Hunger Games looks very much like the   solution. If you’re not familiar with that title yet, you soon will be: the film of the same name is released on March 23, and seems sure to be one of   the highest-grossing of the year.

And whether or not The Hunger Games is the hit everyone anticipates, there’ll  be at least two more sequels.

The most striking common factor between the Twilight franchise and The Hunger Games films is their provenance: both are adapted from hugely successful   books by American women authors for the young adult market.

But while Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books are romances involving characters who happen to be vampires, The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins is   far closer to science fiction. It’s set in the near future, with the USA, depleted by drought, famine and war, and now called Panem, divided into 12 districts ruled by a fascistic Capitol.

Each of these 12 districts must annually offer up a young man and a young woman, aged 12 to 18, who will be trained in the art of survival and thrown into an arena, to fight quite literally to the death, all in front of a live TV audience for whom watching is made compulsory. This event is known as The Hunger Games – think of it as reality TV, taken to a shocking, bloodthirsty extreme.

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I’ve put this trilogy on my reading list, to know what it’s all about. It’s remarkable to say that young adult novels are very much in demand. They do read  fast. You do get into the adventure and suspense of it all very quick and it brings you back to the world of the ultimate posibilities in scifi and fantasy as when you were young.

I have read all the Twilight Saga books before the movies came out. Have read two books of the Fallen books by Lauren Kate about fallen angels and am reading now the first in a sequel by Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush, hush; also about fallen angels. Not only women write these books, but also men like Sarwat Chadda’s Devils Kiss‘s sequel books about the amazing Billi SanGreal. Lately I posted about a new book The Pledge by Kimberly Derting. Reading the content I wouldn’t be astonoshed if more books will follow.

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