New book “Cigala, Garganta de Arena”

Last week was the booklaunch of Cigala, Garganta de Arena dedicated to my most favorite flamenco singer.  Diego el Cigala is one of the largest and most acclaimed icons of flamenco.

An exclusive and unpublished interview conducted by photographer Anya Bartels, who has accompanied him on his tour, exclusive, creating a single document that includes pictures of the back… stage, scenes of street, with his band, with their more familiar environment and on tour.

Cigala, Garganta de Arena is an exceptional document: the testimony of the most important artist of the current scene, at a time of plenitude personal and professional as he had never before been in a book of art. Art of the good and a record unmistakable, as says the lyrics of the tango which inspired the subtitle: “Que nos falta el aire cuando no está tu voz” [that we lack the air when it is not your voice].

Que maravilloso el Cigala. VALE!

~ by eneryvibes on 1,December 3, 2011.

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