Longlist International Prize for Arabic Fiction

Longlist Announced for International Prize for Arabic Fiction 2012

The long-awaited longlist for the 2012 International Prize for Arabic Fiction was announced this morning. Popularly known as the Arabic Booker, the prize, currently in its fifth year, has come to be regarded as the premier prize for literary fiction in the Arab world. This year’s list contains 13 titles, culled from a selection of 101 entries from 15 countries, all published within the last year.

The longlisted authors come from seven countries, with four authors apiece from Lebanon and Egypt. Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia and Jordan are each represented by one author. This year a number of the longlisted novels deal with the theme of the Lebanese war, whilst other common themes include displacement – both for expatriate Arabs and those who have lost loved ones in childhood – and the challenge of rediscovering one’s roots and identity.

The 2012 longlist is as follows:

Title: Paving the Sea
Author: Rashid al-Daif (Lebanon)
Publisher: Riyad al-Rayyes

Title: The Vagrant
Author: Jabbour Douaihy (Lebanon)
Publisher: Dar al-Nhar

Title: The Druze of Belgrade
Author: Rabee Jaber (Lebanon)
Publisher: Al-Markez al-Thaqafi al-Arabi

Title: Suitcases of Memory
Author: Sharbel Qatan (Lebanon)
Publisher: Naufel

Title: Embrace on Brooklyn Bridge
Author: Ezzedine Choukri Fishere (Egypt)
Publisher: Dar al-Ain

Title: The Unemployed
Author: Nasr Iraq (Egypt)
Publisher: Al-Dar al-Masriya al-Lubnaniya

Title: Nocturnal Creatures of Sadness
Author: Mohamed al-Refai (Egypt)
Publisher: Dar Merit

Title: The Nabatean
Author: Youssef Ziedan (Egypt)
Publisher: Dar al-Shorouq

Title: Toy of Fire
Author: Bashir Mufti (Algeria)
Publisher: Al-Ikhtilef

Title: Under the Copenhagen Sky
Author: Hawra al-Nadawi (Iraq/Denmark)
Publisher: Dar al-Saqi

Title: The Women of al-Basatin
Author: Habib Selmi (Tunisia)
Publisher: Dar al-Adab

Title: The Amazing Journey of Khair al-Din ibn Zard
Author: Ibrahim al-Zaarur (Jordan)
Publisher: Dar Fada’at

Title: Sarmada
Author: Fadi Azzam (Syria)
Publisher: Thaqafa

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