Javier Moro Wins Planeta Prize

Last weekend Javier Moro won Spain’s 601,000 euro ($833,800) Planeta Prize for the novel El Imperio Eres Tú, a book about a 19th Century Brazilian emperor.

The Madrid native’s work was selected from the 484 novels competing for the prestigious prize, which carries a cash award of 601,000 euros ($833,887). About half of the works competing for the 60th Planeta Prize were from Spain and one-quarter were from Latin America.

Moro’s novel offers a detailed chronicle of the life of Pedro I, who ruled Brazil in the first half of the 19th century. Pedro I was “Spanish, the grandson of Charles IV, our honorable and glorious past, who was always on the side of history at a time of absolute monarchies,” Moro said.
Moro, who spent 18 months doing research for the novel and a total of three years completing it, said his work told both the story of Pedro I and of the emperor’s family. The royal family was forced to move to the Americas to flee Napoleon, marking “the first time that a European monarchy went to its colonies and with it 10 percent of Portugal’s population, transferring the kingdom’s capital from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro,” Moro said.

Source: Latin American Herald Tribune, october 2011


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