Poem by Ben Okri

We break the rock;
The force within it screams.
Now we have the power to make.
Who knows what the rock knows?
We do. We know the fire inside.

Ancestors from the sky
Broke through the broken form.
We have the power.

Time, food and animals
Wake up now as we crack
From the father this shape.
It’s like the skull of war.
Weapon of blood to make
Fire, to make hunger die.

We have broken the night.
The night yields in the rock.
Night leaps out from our hands.
The night has left the sky
As fire and power in our hands.
As a strong shape.
The world is ours at last.

We are as the gods dream.
Haven’t we broken the mountain
And shaped the world
In our own hands, to bend and crack
And change it into form and dream?

We have become more than we seem.

Read article Ben Okri: ‘Africa has a wild resilience’ @ The Telegraph

~ by eneryvibes on 1,September 16, 2011.

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