Hari Kunzru’s Thrilling New Book

Over at The Telegraph I came across a review of the new by Hari Kunzru. According to this review it’s a thrilling story. I’m looking forward to read the book.

Gods without Men by Hari Kunzru: review

Philip Womack is enchanted and thrilled by Gods without Men, Hari Kunzru’s dazzling new novel.

By Philip Womack

Somewhere in the wilds of the American desert stand three rocks, known as the Pinnacles. For centuries, they have been the focus of mystical thought, visions and encounters. Here an 18th-century priest saw an angel; here local tribes identify a connecting point between the worlds of the living and the dead; here, in the Forties, a man called Schmidt met two aliens in a “disc of light”.

The Pinnacles have long been a focus of manhunts and disappearances: an Indian brave (supposedly) shot dead by a posse who mistakenly thought he’d kidnapped a child; a little girl disappearing at a flying saucer convention, last seen in conversation with a “glow boy”. Cults flourish and die around the rocks; dark fissures in the stone are peopled with mad hermits.

Many threads run through Hari Kunzru’s intensely involving novel: racism, culture clashes, immigration, religion. Experiences are echoed and reflected, with all its characters converging on the Pinnacles, each in search of some form of escape.

The book dashes in and out of the centuries, swiftly following a disparate (but, in often surprising and interesting ways, interconnected) bunch of characters. Kunzru’s writing is brisk, vivid and inventive: from the very first sentence you know that you are being taken in the right direction by someone who knows what he is doing.

The central plot concerns a New York couple, Lisa and Jaz. Sophisticated and rich, they stand up to their parents’ disapproval and marry (Jaz is the son of subcontinental Indian peasants who live in self-imposed isolation, while Lisa’s father treats him “like some impressive but unpredictable exotic pet”). Their autistic son proves not to be a unifying force, but another cause for concern.

Read full article @ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/books/bookreviews/8709188/Gods-without-Men-by-Hari-Kunzru-review.html

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