Thumbs Up 4 Lowlands 2011

This year the Lowlands Festival in my backyard was a great success. A lot of great artists performed with some fine music vibes. Naturally I watched it on the TV. Not planning to go and walk in the mud that was all around.

Here are some artists that made an impression on me. One I already am superfan of, namely the band Within Tempation who makes great music. They are very creative and becoming more and more theatrical and expanding their wings in other areas too. Beginning of next year in the theatre in my hometown. Be sure to be on the front row!

Others are young talented artists, like De Wolff who took me way back to the music of the late 60s, early 70s. They make psychedelic space rock n’ roll music, from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and the Cream. Awesome! Jungle by Night surprised me with their funk sound and African rhythms, the so called Afro Beat. Made me think of Fela Kuti. It’s swinging with these talented young man. They have a great career in front of them. So young and already these vibes. 

Our homies Zwart Licht rocked & rapped the crowd responding to the current temperature in the Netherlands on the multicultural plane. Damn they were good! And last but not least a band all the way from France, Babylon Circus. A real circus of delight with their up-tempo Balcan music, sweep you off your feet literally. Dance till you drop. 

These are a few of what I’ve seen up to now. Still have to catch up on the rerun of the rest. So I’ve encountered a lots of amazing music that’s around these days, which you never hear on the radio of course. It’s great fun. Enjoy it too.

De Wolff  with Don’t you go up the sky

Jungle by night with Get busy, Bokoor beats & Gentlemans jam

Within Tempation with Faster

 Zwart licht with links/rechts/midden

Babylon Circus with I’aurais bien voulu

~ by eneryvibes on 1,August 25, 2011.

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