Summer Reading Now: Venganza en Sevilla

I’m reading Venganza en Sevilla [Vengeance in Seville – freely translated] by Matilde Asensi. It is the sequel to Tierra Firmethe first book of an adventurous trilogy. If you remember in Tierra Firme we got to know Cathalina Solis, a young woman who finds herself all alone in Tierra Firme after the ship she was on got attacked by pirates. Miraculously she was rescued by the smuggler Esteban Nevares who together with the madame María Chacon adopts her as their son Martín Nevares. She gets to have an amazing time as a young man between pirates and merchants in the new world.

Cathalina Solis lives a quite life 0n Isla Margarita after her adventures in the first book, when she got the message that her father has been imprisoned for crimes against the Spanish Crown. Her parent’s house got burned down in Santa Martha and their friends killed by the Dutch pirate Jakob Lundch. 

Martín Nevares a.k.a. Cathalina Solis journeys to Spain to search for her father Esteban Nevares, who she found nearly death in a filthy prison in Sevilla. On his death bed, her father makes her swear to revenge him by killing the family of the Curvos. The Curvo family is behind the whole thing, the sole cause of his demise and his family’s unfortunate situation. Martín plots an ingenious way to get rid of the Curvo family by preying on their weaknesses. Thrilling!

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