18th June El día E

Tomorrow we celebrate the feast of every Spanish speaking person and the Spanish language with ‘El Día del Español’ . 
The Spanish language I’ve learned from an early age by watching ‘las telenovelas’ on the Venezuelan tv channels. Later on in school from the sixth grade on. In college we had a teacher who initiated us into the Spanish literature with legendary tales of El Cid and Don Quijote de la Mancha. The Spanish language has always fascinated me. It’s the most beautiful language that you can express yourself in. I love and adore the Spanish language in all it’s diversity. It’s very poetic and sensual. I love to read books in Spanish.

Here are some titles of books I read with much pleasure:

La esclava de marfíl by Almudena de Arteaga (Spain)
– La fiesta del chivo by Mario Vargas Llosa (Peru)
Inés del alma mía by Isabel Allende (Chili)
La isla de los amores infinitos by Daína Chaviano (Cuba)
El pergamino de la seducción by Gioconda Belli

A todos los hispanohablantes felicidades en este día.



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