‘Martín Ojo de Plata’ by Matilde Asensi is out!

Out now in the libraries is the big saga of Spain’s Golden Age, that begins with Tierra firme and is followed by Venganza en Sevilla, by Matilde Asensi. Both are included in a one time published volume. Before they were published separately. The conclusion, that will complete the trilogy soon will be out.

Martín Nevares has died in the Caribbean when pirates attacked his ship. To save herself his sister Catalina Solís adopts her brother’s identity. After two years on a desolate island, very soon she’ll rise up to be the contrabandist Martín Ojo de Plata. So the adventure begins that’ll take her all the way to Sevilla, to comply with the promise made to her adoptive father to bring down the Curvos, an important  trader’s family to the West Indies.

Matilde Asensi has succeeded to reinvent the discovery of the Americas, the colonies and the commerce between two worlds, including piracy, in an adventurous story, taking into account the historical perspective. The book has an introduction by the author where she outlines the motives why Spain’s history of that period intrigued her. This volume also contains the profile of the prominent characters of history, as well as a chronological table of the socio-political state of affairs at the time.

Read the first part already. Pending to read the second book and waiting for the completion.


~ by eneryvibes on 1,June 12, 2011.

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