The real truth remains a mystery

The Italian writer couple Rita Monaldi and Francesco Sorti wrote this year’s giftbook for June, Month of the Thriller in Holland.

This couple is known for their thriller like historical novels on corruption at the courts, murder and papal conspiracy of 17th century Italy. Before writing they make extensive archive research on the subject. Some of their books are boycotted in Italy, especially if it has to do with the Vatican.

In Versluiering [Dutch title] again the castrati, diplomat and spy to the Sun King, Atto Melani is the main character, who is also central in the other books. The first three had worldwide success. After Imprimatur, Secretum and Veritas, later this summer part four, Mysterium, will follow.

Versluiering takes place at the French court of 1647. Cardinal Mazarin, the prime minister en actually the ruler, wants to stage a big Italian melodrama. Melani comes across a deadly conspiracy that goes back to the Florence of two centuries ago.

Soon I will be making my own list of thrillers I’ve read and the ones I recommend reading. So come back to the blog and see if there’s anything you like.


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