Latest Historical Novel by Jorge Molist

In his latest novel Prométeme que serás libre Jorge Molist once again delights us with an insight in the history of Spain.

Joan lives with his parents in a quite village, when they get attacked from the sea by the Saracens. This leaves Joan with a dying father and his mother and sister abducted by this band of thugs.

Twelve years passes and Joan and his brother Gabriel are left alone. The regional abath sends the two orphans to a convent of friars in Barcelona. In this big city new opportunities arises for Joan, but he never forgets the promise he made to his dying father that he’ll always be free and that he’ll rescue his mother and sister from the chains of slavery.

Prométeme que serás libre is an entertaining book, full of adventures in each page. The book transfers the reader to the Barcelona of the time that the Americas were discovered and let us travel the known places of that century. A novel who takes us to the time of the invention of book printing and the libraries of the 15th century.

This novel will also take us to the persecution of the Jews in the Spain of the Catholic kings. Finally we’ll discover that most of the characters are real and lived and died in those days.

Indeed an entertaining novelist. If you like history and adventure Molist is surely to satisfy your curiosity and taste for the ultimate adventure. I’ve read two books by his hand El anillo: La herencia del último templario (2004) and La reina oculta: Una dama, dos rivales, tres enigmas (2007).
As yet only The Ring has come out in English.



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