Isabel Allende brings a new and personal novel

There’s a new novel El cuaderno de Maya from the bestseller novelist Isabel Allende.
The book is inspired on her granddaughters and on her own life. It tells the story of a 19 year old girl who passes through ordeals, and crosses the continent from the US to the island of Chiloé after her grandfather dies. The story begins with: I am Maya Vidal, 19 years old, feminine, single, no lover, born in Berkeley, California, American passport, temporary a refugee on an island in the south of the world.

I was named Maya because my Nini likes India and my parents didn’t have another name, although they had nine months to think about it. In Hindi Maya means ‘magic, illusion, dream’, nothing to do with my character. Atila would’ve been better, for when I put my mind on something I will get it. My story begins in Chile with my grandmother, my Nini, long before I was born, because if she wouldn’t have emigrated, she wouldn’t have fallen in love with my Popo, neither set up in California, my father wouldn’t have met my mother and I wouldn’t have been me, but another Chilean girl.

Isabel Allende is a Chilean journalist exiled in Venezuela after the Military Coup in Chile of 1973. Nowadays she lives in the United states. Besides writing novels, she has made television programs, playwrights, and fairy tales. She’s the Latin American novelist most read in the world. Her work has been translated in more than 25 languages.



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3 Responses to “Isabel Allende brings a new and personal novel”

  1. I wonder how long it’ll be till there’s a translation of this. Allende is a fantastic writer.

    • Indeed, she’s an amazing writer. I read her books in Spanish. It beats a translated version, I think. Will be reading ‘La sila bajo el mar’ for the summer.

  2. I wish my Spanish were good enough to do that. I have a copy of “De Amor y de Sombra” in the original Spanish, but gave up pretty quickly, since it’s been years since I studied it.

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