On a “Love Strike”

Gender revolution hits Arab world in ‘The Source’

Cannes, France – In a remote village in North Africa, women use the only weapon they have – sex – and go on a “love strike” that challenges traditional gender roles.

Director Radu Mihaileanu says he sees the fictional gender revolt depicted in his new movie “The Source” as crucial to the success of popular uprisings that have toppled dictators in Tunisia and Egypt this year and still smolder across the Arab world. 

“The second revolution that’s needed, it seems to me, is one in the home, that will bring about gender equality in the private sphere,” Mihaileanu told reporters Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival, where the movie is competing for the top prize, the Palme d’Or.

Mihaileanu said the movie was inspired by a decade-old news story about women from a village in Turkey who, fed up with their arduous traditional task of fetching water from a distant well, started withholding sex.

“(This story) showed them in such a wonderful light. These women are combative, filled with light and humor,” said Mihaileanu, adding that although he had fallen in love with the story, he didn’t initially plan to make the movie himself.

Read full article @ Almasry Alyoum


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