Talking About Life Stages in Literature

What does Twain, Woolf, Roth, Morrison and more tell us about growing up and growing old.

On Point interviews Arnold Weinstein on his latest book Morning, Noon and Night. Finding the Meaning of Life’s Stages Through Books.  Weinstein is  distinguished professor of Comparative Literature at Brown University.

We can go through life with such a terrible poverty of self-awareness.  A poverty so deep we do not possess our own lives.  Youth is a blur.  Middle age can be a grind and old age, a brutal humbling. But turn to literature – great literature – and awareness is there, says Arnold Weinstein.

From Huck Finn on the river to King Lear at his end. Toni Morrison’s Sula. Virgina Woolf’s day-dreaming mother.  The stories and insights to place us, ground us, in our own lives. Literature can get at the heart of what we’re doing and the experience we share can be illuminated.

Listen to the interview Stages in Literature


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