Our Young Aruban Talent Acknowledged

The festival ‘Un Canto pa Nos Himno y Bandera’ [festival where ode is given to the hymn and flag of Aruba] was this year also won by the talented singer Jonathan Croes with his song ‘Celebracion di plata ta 25’ [25 years is a silver celebration].
Dressed in a silver suit he performed this catchy song wit a lot of pikete, like we say in Aruba. One of the most famous music groups nowadays Rincon B accompanied him. It was a delighful evening. And we got to see everything up close and personal. The only party pooper was again the rain. Fortunately it was at the end of the festival. It kept on raining the whole night. So Jonathan got a blessing. Afterwards we went to his home and partied with family & friends.

Watch & listen to this talented singer

Jonathan performing his song with the Rincon B

 Jonathan receiving his prize

Afterwards Jonathan posed with the Rincon B. All of them glad and satisfied with the outcome

During the celebrations of 25 years Status Aparte of Aruba in the week of 18th March, Jonathan performed with the Rincon B at different venues in Aruba. It’s a pity we missed the one at Tanki Leendert.

 PHOTOS: © eneryvibes, March 2011



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