Kakushi Ken: Oni no Tsume

This afternoon I watched this beautiful Japanese movie The Hidden Blade by Yoji Yamada that was set in 19th century Japan. The country was then in upheaval and on the brink of social and political change. The story is told by Katagiri how he resigned being a samurai and finaly could marry his longtime love.

Katagiri and Kie were always in love with each other, but couldn’t be together for they were from different social status. After Katagiri saved Kie from her neglectful husband, she lived in his house till gossip and social norm separated them. Japan was in a tumulteous era with rebels defying the established political order. To demonstrate his allegiance to the clan, Katagiri was ordered by the Chief retainer to kill the escaped rebel Hazama. Katagiri tried to convince Hamaza to commit hara kiri, to die an honorable death, but he was to bitter and wanted to kill Katagiri. During a fight between the two the soldiers shot him like a dog with rifles they purchased from the westerners.

Finally Katagiri angry with the chief retainer for deceiving the wife of Hazama, takes revenge and kills him. After this he refuses his samurai status and leaves to look for Kie.

~ by eneryvibes on 1,March 27, 2011.

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