San Nicolas Carnival Parade, the greatest

The San Nicolas Carnival Parade the last few years is said to be the greatest. People are more relaxed, enjoying themselves and the athmosphere is fantastic. So we got to see it twice. This location is in the mainstreet near the CMB Bank and the Caribbean Bar. What a combination, but that’s San Nicolas 4 u. The weather was great, the sun shined and it was nice hot.

lady selling her goods, like hats against the sun 

Prince Carnival leading the parade

tradition for a brassband to open the parade

Champagne group opening with her queens

Venice carnival was the theme this year

beautiful, luxurous carosa

Champagne group on the road

awesome band Tsunami playing

facing the hot sun

elegant costumes, very beautiful

Mrs. Carnival, this year a very jolly lady

a lost mermaid

getting down, woot woot woot

from the inside, from the outside

having a great time

OPC Mighty Talent’s Crown

another beautiful roadpiece

Oreo & Mighty Talent, roadmarch & calypso king behind the bass player

OPC on the road

way’e way’e

big brother pulling ‘Los laga bai’

Los laga bai the most jolly group

jolly as ever

all smiles

into the carnival mood

Dushi group coming down with the Avatars

Avatars jumping along

dushi ambiente

renown musician/composer Hilward Croes

Dushi Band in action

a friendly Avatar dancing on the road

girlfriend up close & personal

Avatars coming down the road

doing dushi

peace brother

cloudy fantasy

directly from Suriname 

dancers of the Rhytm Stars Brassband Suriname

swaying along the road 

Watch dancers & brassband in action


the brassband itself

posing for the camera

going to Shangri La with Majestic

fabulous dancegroup with leader Alvin up front

fantastic dancers

Majestic one of the most beautiful groups

tv presenter as always very elegant

another majestic roadpiece

girlfriend posing for a picture

like a king of the Incas 

all clourful

girlfriend noticing us

girlfriend, up close, beautiful costume

posing for the camera

Majestic always a beautiful and luxurious group

the comic group Loco Loco of the carnival

making the children to listen to the teacher

the kids of Grupo Loco Loco

swinging it, way’e way’e

Ganesh figuring in carnival

another beautiful coloured costumes

up close, beautiful

another look on the group

Le Groove woot woot woot

another group that sparkled

wauw, those colours and the great detail

beginning of the last lap

get into it

this is just the beginning

young & old join in

follow the music

PHOTOS: eneryvibes, March 2011


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