Jouve Mornin’, them real thin’

After roamin’, like the Jumbees, through the streets of the innercity of San Nicholas, we all went to enjoy the parade comin’ down around 4 o’clock in the mornin’. It didn’t have as much music bands as in the past, but the atmosphere and the vibe were there. Few bands came up to San Nicholas for Jouve, cause they all tired of playin’ all day in Playa for big bugs and that saturday and sunday they also have to play at the grand carnival parades.  
The fact that few bands participate is becoming a problem for Jouve Mornin’, cause this tradition should remain and musn’t die out. So people beware to hold our cultural traditions in style and don’t put energy in fake creations that aren’t part of our Carnival tradition. So, that said, we had a great night. People comin’ down in their pyamas, men, young and old in ladies pyamas. All crazy stuff. Having fun and dancing their heart out. A very great vibe. When the parade passed by we also jump in to the end till mornin’ sun come up. It was ’bout 8 o’lock in the mornin’ that it ended and we came home to sleep some 4 hours, than wake up to go to the Carnival Parade of San Nicholas.

some Jumbees @ Jouve

Impak playin’: ‘from the inside, from the outside………’

people jumpin’ in their pyamas

an occasion to put on some beautiful women’s clothes

ready to take a shower

the young enjoying themselves

people of all walks of life get down into Jouve

being creative for the night

jump in, the crowd in front

the crowd comin’ from behind

jumpin’ forward

the crowd movin’ forward@ early sunrise



Le Groove pumpin’ up the volume & keepin’ up the spirits with: ‘Form a chain, form a chain, form a chain. Form a chain, form a chain, soca train’

a last crowd goin’ down Bernhardstraat

the last breath to the end

keep on goin’, in the inside, in the outside

people joinin’ in early in the mornin’

enjoying the last moments @ the fullest

We participated @ another fantastic Jouve Mornin’ vibe. It was real great fun to do.

PHOTOS: © eneryvibes, March 2011




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