Jumbees Roamin’ Them Streets Before Jouve

Last saturday 4 o’clock in the mornin’ Jouve warm-up in front of China Clipper in the former oil city of San Nicolas where the action is. People gettin’ down there waitin’ on Jouve Mornin’ [J’ouvert Morning]. A tradition when people get up early in the mornin’, dressed in their pyama and go jumpin’ for a few hours parade till early mornin’ sun come up. Many a Jumbees roamin’ them streets that nite. Jumbee is a type of mythological spirit or demon in the Caribbean folklore.
An awesome night. Enjoy the photo impression.

dancin’ & swayin’ to the rythms of soca & dancehall music

on the inside, on the outside …….

the Red Cross close by for safety of the crowd

Jumbees all around gettin’ ready

pumpin’ up the vibe

Jumbees comin’ down the road & gettin’ all steamed up

gettin’ into a friendly fist fight with a Jumbee

all dressed up in PJ’s & somewhere to go, off course Jouve

PHOTOS: eneryvibes, March 2011


~ by eneryvibes on 1,March 9, 2011.

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