Splendid Parada di Luz @ San Nicolas

Last thursday I went to the Parada di Luz [Lightning Parade] in San Nicolas. My first carnival gig. It was great fun. We saw it at two different spots. Here’s a photo impression of the night.

Customary before the parade starts, women come selling their wear like drinks, snacks, hats. And today even umbrellas.

trailer with dreamlike angels on top

Two queens

music trailer Mighty Talent King of Kings of Calypso & Roadmarch 2011

Oreo Possee Carnival (OPC) group on the road

OPC having fun

A taste of the OPC vibe

people having fun

the fire fighters are also on the road

people getting down

Champagne group on the road in San Nicolas

Having a ball

dear friend enjoying herself

the young also participate

jumping to the music

having a great time

Waving along

one of the many singers

Dushi Group getting down with the music, dal den bumper

it’s a long road

another dear friend on the road enjoying herself

jump to the end

Dushi Band keeping up the vibe

doing Dushi

the big Dushi crowd coming down

little brother on the job, supplying others with refreshments

Dushi Band pumping up the volume

the crowd gettin’ crazy

and swayin’

people getting into the last lap

movin’ along to the music

PHOTOS: eneryvibes, February 2011 


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