In Conversation With Fouad Laroui

On Wednesday 16 february literary critic Margot Dijkgraaf will speak to the Moroccan-French-Dutch writer and scientist Fouad Laroui on his two recently published books. Though different from one another, humor is their common ground.

Both Books are nominated for the Prix Concourt.

Le jour où Malika ne s’est pas mariée [The day Malika didn’t marry] has eight short stories on the question of identity in a globalized world – a disoriented youth between tradition and modernity.

In Une année chez les Français [A year among the French, will be published next year] deals with the Lycée Lyautey in Casablanca of the 70s’. The protagonist Mehdi, a 10 year old Moroccan boy, comes from a poor environment and receives a scholarship for his excellent results at primary school. The culture shock is inevitable and is described with much humor and intelligence.  

The NRC Handelsblad published recently an interview with Fouad Laroui (in Dutch).

Date: wednesday 16 february 2011
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Location: Vijzelgracht 2a, Amsterdam
Entrance: as of € 3,50
Information & reservation: or 020-531 9535
Language: French


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