Welcome to the Year of Naguib Mahfouz!

On what would have been the Egyptian Nobel laureate’s 99th birthday this past Dec. 11, critic and academic Dr. Gaber Asfour noted that—in honor of Mahfouz’s coming 100th—”for the whole coming year, we have conferences, celebrations…to feel the extraordinary work of Naguib Mahfouz.”

The Press also announced, in its news release, the recent or forthcoming translations of five more Mahfouz novels: The Coffeehouse (translated by Raymond Stock, which should be available this month); In the Time of Love (translated by Kay Heikkinen, made available earlier this year); The Final Hour (translated by Roger Allen, also available earlier this year), Heart of the Night (translated by Aida Bamia, scheduled for release next spring), and Love in the Rain (translated by Nancy Roberts, also scheduled for release next spring).

What a marvelous writer. I’ve read three books of his ample work: The thief and the dogs, Chichat on the Nile and Miramar.
A good moment this year to read his Caïro trilogy.


~ by eneryvibes on 1,January 11, 2011.

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