Pagara Everywhere in Downtown Oranjestad


Shooting pagaras on New Years’ Eve is a long coming tradition on the island of Aruba. It’s a big happening. Everyone comes down to watch and celebrate the last day of the year. The centre bursts with people and cars. There’s music. Dande groups go from shop to shop singing and wishing everyone the very best for the year to come. When banks, shops close they shoot a pagara for luck. Here are some scenes of the mainstreet and in the touris area along the boardwalk.

fumes going up in the mainstreet of Oranjestad

@ the mainstreet

the pagara of Metacorp one of the biggest started

security is of utmost importance

following the pagara in front of parliament

what a blast!

all smokey

going up the hill

still on its course

the crowd exited

end of this pagara

chatting & relaxing afterwards

lining up a new pagara

pagara of the chines supermarket started

another view on the pagara

crackling all the way 2 the supermarket

queue of cars behind the pagara

more pagara shooting further up the street


starting the pagara along the boardwalk

blast off into the new year


~ by eneryvibes on 1,January 1, 2011.

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