Gioconda Belli wins the “La Otra Orilla” Prize

The Nicaraguan writer Gioconda Belli is the first woman to win the prestigious “La Otra Orilla“ Literary Prize for her work Crónicas de la izquierda erotica.
The prize worth $ 100.000 and the publication of her book in Latin America and Spain, was decided by a jury consisting by the writers Santiago Roncagliolo (Peru), Mario Mendoza (Colombia) and Pere Sureda (Spain). The judges choose her work out of 625 manuscripts for the humoristic political satire, the inventiveness of the plot and the ability of the author to maintain the narrative tension in the story. In the panorama of the Latin American political novels dominated by male figures, this one is a funny and unexpected provocation.

We have a lot of good women writers in Latin America and the Caribbean, but still they have to bump up into this invisible glass ceiling of male writers. One of the reasons may be that her work deals mostly with the female eroticism. This is surely out of the way for the traditional view on the behaviour of women in Latin America. More and more these themes are being tackled by women writers in the region. Two writers from Puerto Rico who are writing out of the box and that are pushing up the boundaries lately and tackling themes like female- and homo eroticism are Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro and Mayra Santos-Febres. More on them in another post.

Gioconda Belli surely has opened a crack for more writers in the future. I’ve read her most known and much acclaimed work La Mujer Habitada (1988) [The inhabited woman], but also Sofía de los Presagios (1991) and El Pergamino de la Seduccion (2005) [The scroll of seduction]. I’m still looking for her latest El Infinito en la Palma de la Mano (2008) for which she received the Premio Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 2008.

More on Gioconda Belli @ her website



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