Venezia: a delight

Buongiorno. Last week I was in Venezia. It is a very nice place to visit with a lot of history and great architecture. The Piazza San Marco is the main attraction with it’s Basilica San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale (Doce’s Palace), the Campanile and the Torre dell’Orologio. Venezia is known for it’s beautiful palaces.  The Doce’s Palace and Ca’ D ‘Oro was very impressive. The Carnival of Venezia is worldwide known. You see masks everywhere in every color possibe. The place breeds of culture and is attractive to tourists around the world. I wonder how it is for Venetians to live in their own private museum.

Riding in the vaporetto is a whole other experience. A vaporreto is a waterbus; one of the ways to get around between the different parts of the island and to go to other islands. On Venezia as you may know there aren’t any cars or buses. Transport on the laguna (water) is by boat.  You soon get accustomed to this means of transport. On the island you can get lost through the different alleyways with little shops and amazing bridges. The Rialto is the best known, which at night is a meeting point for young and old.

I also visited the islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. Murano is worlwide known for it’s glass-making. The amazing Arte Murano.  They make very beautiful ornaments with glass. Incredible. On Burano lace-making is the main craft. The island has colorful houses. A very picturesque place.

I stayed on the island of Lido. A much more quiet place and with a relaxed summer ambience. The Venetians spent their holidays there. On Lido you have beautiful gothic style and art nouveau villa’s.

A stay on Venezia is a delightful experience. Here are some pictures. Enjoy.

View on Venezia from the sea

Piazza San Marco

Basilica San Marco

  Torre dell’Orologio

Palazzo Ducale

courtyard Pallazo Ducale

Ponte Dos Suspiros

Campanile di San Marco, in the background the Basilica

a charactistic scene in Venezia

Ponte Rialto by night

Venetian masks

Palazzo Ca’ d’Oro

view on the Grand Canal from Ca’ d’Oro, a vaporetto passing by

another view on the Grand Canal

gondolas basking in the sun

 cramping up in the small canals

one of the hundreds of bridges

view on the island of Murano

another view of Murano

arte Murano

on Burano

typical Burano tradition

Byzantium church on the island of Torcello

façade Byzantium church

 a scenic view on the way to the island of Lido 

canal on Lido, with Piazza San Marco in the far background

villa on Lido

mainstreet on Lido

view on Lido by night



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